5th June 2018

How Do I Join?

There is a common misnomer that to become a Freemason you must receive a tap on the shoulder, this is not the case, there is no reason why you cannot ask.  It is encouraged and expected that society ask questions about us and what we do, and in return it is expected that Freemason’s answer as honestly and candidly as possible.  This desire for knowledge is particularly expected of men with a desire to join.  Before a man enters into joining Freemasonry, he must be fully satisfied that Freemasonry is an organisation he really wants to join and that there are no unrealistic expectations.  He must also understand the financial and time commitments that come with enjoying Freemasonry.  If you know of any Masons already take time to speak to them, but if you do not know any Masons we at the Ubique Lodge will be happy to help you learn more and answer any questions, just get in touch and ask; we too were in your position once.


There are certain requirements that must be met before an application can be considered;

  • A belief in a supreme being

  • RHA or RA serving or retired, Regular or Reserve (For Ubique only)
  • Born a free man

  • Aged 21 years or over

Of good character

Why become a Freemason?

People have their own reasons why they enjoy Freemasonry. The following is a sample of some of the reasons given:

  • Achievement – progressing through the various offices in the Lodge to become Worshipful Master.
  • Brotherhood – making new friends and acquaintances from all walks of life, every background and age group.
  • Charity– being able to contribute to deserving causes, both Masonic and non-Masonic.
  • Education– learning from peers and mentors by practicing ritual and making short speeches.
  • Knowledge – finding out about the history and mysteries of Freemasonry.
  • Self improvement – making a contribution to your family and society

If you are able to answer these questions honestly and correctly, you maybe eligible to become a Mason and submit an application form.  Following an application an interview will take place before the Lodge Committee.

Application and Interview

If you have decided that Freemasonry suits you and you wish to get involved you will make an application to join, be formally proposed and seconded and an interview will take place with the Lodge committee.  The interview is not something you can prepare for, it is a two way process.  It allows Ubique Lodge to confirm that you would be right for Freemasonry and that you understand the commitment required, and a chance for you to ask questions and express why you want to be a part of Freemasonry; there is no right or wrong answer to this – everyone is different.

The Ballot and Initiation

If you have made your mind up and still want to join and you receive a recommendation following the interview,  there will be a ballot among members in the Lodge; following this you maybe embarking on your first step in Freemasonry – your initiation.

How much does it cost?

When you are initiated you will be asked for some money by our Treasurer.  The break down of this is as follows:

  • A one-off initiation fee (for your registration with the United Grand Lodge of England and Metropolitan Grand Lodge, currently £120)
  • Your annual subscription (which contributes to  the running costs of the Lodge and annual dues to UGLE and MetGL, currently £132 per year).
  • The cost of your meal at the Festive Board (currently £55).

Once a year you will be expected to pay the subscription fee, due on 1 January annually.  Many members set up a monthly standing order.

The dining fee is owed at every meeting, if you are dining.

These fees are correct as at 1 January 2024, and may be liable to change, but they will be discussed and voted upon before they do.

So how do I apply?

Contact the our secretary to find out about the next steps.

To join Chapter is to complete the journey from Initiation to Exaltation after being Raised to the 3rd Degree. Please contact the Lodge Secretary for further details.